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 What is Printing and Why is it
 Important to Your Business?

Imagine a world without newspapers, without books, without magazines, posters or flyers. Printing literally opened the door to communication to millions of people around the world. It brought nations together. In less than 50 years after the invention of the printing press, fifteen million books had been flung into the world.
German inventor, Johannes Gutenberg, invented the printing press in 1440, which was the beginning of the mechanized process that dominated the world of communication until the later part of the 20th century. With the addition of thousands of ink colors, hundreds of paper choices, die cutting, and foil stamping, creativity was unleashed on a massive level.

Print Brokers and Printing Choice
There are approximately 491,731 Printing & Publishing companies in the United States, with more than 11,000 in Virginia alone. Many specialize in various types of printing. Some print magazines and some print forms. Others print, diecut and foil stamp all under one roof. Digital presses can personalize each piece of mail. Web printers can print millions of copies at lightening speed, bind, trim and wrap your printing project. 
There is a printing process for just about every type of printable project and because of this, price, quality and speed vary dramatically. 
Enter the print broker. The primary goal for a print broker is to match a printing project with a specific printer and their press capability. Print brokers work on behalf of their client to select printers for competitive bids. By using this method, a broker can save their client thousands of dollars annually.
Printing is a manufacturing process. Printers can only complete projects based on their press capabilities. Because of the competitive nature of the printing business, and the fact that the market for printing is shrinking yearly, some printers take on projects that do not economically fit their press capabilities. This can lead to extra costs, missed deadlines and mistakes.

Print Brokers and Printing Price

It is not uncommon for printing prices to range dramatically from one printer to another or from one town to the next. All printers are provided with a guide for pricing for their equipment, but these prices are not set in stone. This is where a print broker can help. 
Most people shop for pricing when they buy a car. They shop for pricing at the grocery store. Printing can be a very expensive endeavor. It only makes sense to shop for pricing when you buy printing. A print broker can help you find competitive prices.

Reasons for Using a Print Broker

  1. Connections to numerous printers
  2. An understanding of printing capabilities
  3. Fair and competitive price bids on all projects
  4. Represents the clients best interests
  5. Oversees all phases of a project
  6. Responsible for scheduling and deadlines
  7. Handles logistics and delivery
  8. Reviews blueline, color and online proofs
  9. Helps the client through all phases of a printing project
  10. Buffer between the client and printing company
 A Case Study

Client:  NCMA

Project:  Foundation Brochure

NCMA Foundation Brochure

"We needed to get our foundation piece printed for a trade show. It was a complex piece, full color on heavy paper with diecuts, and we were under the gun to compete the work. The printing company we had been using for years, provided prices that just seemed unusually high. So we contacted Brand Design to broker the work. Through their network of printers, they were able to find us the most competitive price and it was almost 25% less than the one we received. This saved us more than $1000. They completed the work in time for our trade show and it became a showpiece for the association. 
I highly recommend Brand Design to my colleagues and friends whenever I can. They really helped me out and saved the day."

Dee Cook
Former Foundation Administrator

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