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Extend Your Reach

The giraffe may be the silliest looking of animals, but he's more than head and shoulders above his competition.  His long neck has evolved to extend his reach farther than any other animal to find food in the treetops and thrive.  Does your website reach out to your customers?  Do you use your website as a tool to communicate and interact with the world?

In today's cyber-jungle, your website is a tool for extending your reach.  Whatever your territory, a stunning looking website that communicates effectively, engages your clients, prompts them to interact and can be found quickly will give you a neck up on your competitors.  Email blasts, banner ads and online newsletters ensure that your company is seen and heard.  A business website is a necessity.  If your competitor does not have one, chances are they are working on it.  Websites should be a natural part of every company's marketing plan.


If you are in need of a website, or you simply want to re-design an existing one, Brand Design can design it, write it, program it and optimize it.  From developing the website architecture, to content management systems, online newsletters, hosting, search engine optimization, intranets, and ecommerce, we can do it all.  We ensure that each site is intuitive and is specifically designed to meet your business needs.  Brand Design can incorporate your existing brand and messaging or develop a new one.

 Website Architecture and Design

A website is a necessity for all businesses.  Your site has to work well to communicate your message and advertise your products and services.   Brand Design can help you do everything from plan your information flow, write your copy, design your pages, organize backend programming, and get your website hosted.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is your website if nobody hits it in a search?  There's an exact science to SEO. We utilize SEO specialists to review website architecture, and provide consultation on existing website programming and content before, during, and after a website launch.  We partner with numerous companies to make sure your site is visible and on page one of a search engine.  We can help you maximize hits and achieve top positioning.

 Interactive Media

If your product or service is complex, an online multi-media presentation might help explain it to potential customers.  Flash and video streaming presentations, info-discs, newsletters, online contests and surveys are creative ways help to communicate to your audience through the web.

 Content Management Systems

What you say and when you say it makes all the difference.  A content management system enables you to have complete control over your website.  From text to product photos, a content management system will provide you with the flexibility to say things in your own words and upload images with the click of a button, all at your convenience.